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Wow! What a great day we had at Midway Village. John Resnick from Matson Money came into Rockford to help teach our very first client education class. There was quite a bit of material that was covered in our class. So, I wanted to take a moment to summarize what was presented. John was very up front about what we wanted to accomplish for the day.

  • First was dispelling the traditional investing myths that plague the financial world.
    1. Stock Selection
    2. Track-Record Investing
    3. Market Timing
    4. Costs of Investing
  • Second was the tell the TRUE story of investing and how important it is to your current situation.
    1. Free Markets Work
    2. Modern Portfolio Theory
    3. The Three-Factor Model
  • Third was to give an opportunity to help achieve a true peace of mind through a better understanding of your investment philosophy.

This definitely was a day with a lot of information, but we were encouraged to see how well you all took to it! The topics that we will be going through isn’t something you can learn in one sitting. That is why we want to see you all on a monthly basis at these classes. We look forward to next months class.