Wednesday, February 17th we conducted the Investor Coaching Session “Discovering Your True Purpose for Money- that which is more important than money itself,” at Midway Village. The classes were well attended and though the content was not the typical “investor seminar” approach the response was excellent. The material was thought provoking and addressed the many reasons investors suffer from a lack of  peace and fulfillment during the investment process due to the flawed influence of past life, well meaning friends, or relatives and in particular the financial industry and media. Attendees were asked to participate in an exercise that helped them focus not only on their financial or “money” goals but the single best value that described those goals – i.e. their true purpose for money. Our desire as financial coaches at Pathfinder are that the statements created as a result of the exercise become a cornerstone upon which each person will make life’s most important financial decisions.

Philip W. Guske