Fee Only

Our desire is to offer an advisor/client relationship built on trust and integrity. Pathfinder Wealth Management, Inc. serves as a Registered Investment Advisor providing fee-only investment management. We have an ongoing effort to create a place where the processes are understandable and where investing and wealth management feels right while embracing the following principles:

Putting Our Clients First – Superior Care

We follow a fiduciary duty standard of care as required by the Investment Advisors Act of 1940. This is the highest legal duty of care for a client’s welfare and is defined as “One who owes to another the highest duty of care, good faith, trust, confidence and candor based on their relationship.” This means that we are legally and morally obligated to put our client’s interest first; as opposed to brokers, who are legally obligated to put their employer’s interest first.

Since we do provide a fee-only investment management platform there is no commission or any “fine-print” incentives based on products that our clients purchase. As a result, we are free to be impartial in our counsel regarding your investment assets. Since we are not captive in our investment recommendations or providers it allows our advice to be clear and objective.


Academic Investment Approach

Our approach to investing is based on Nobel Prize winning academic research called Modern Portfolio Theory (MPT). We believe that if you cannot measure something, then you cannot control it. Risk is one of those parts of investing that people can afraid of, but it is something that can be measured and controlled. Our portfolios are built to diversify within and across multiple different asset classes in order to decrease risk while maintaining similar, if not the same, expected returns. The basic concepts of MPT are as follows:

  • Markets process information extremely quickly and efficiently, therefore it is impossible for an individual to consistently and effectively predict market movements.
  • Diversification in multiple assets classes internationally is of extreme importance.
  • Passively investing is a discipline that helps to maintain the amount of risk in the portfolio while capturing the expected rates of return for that level of risk.

Do You Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is?

Yes! We invest our personal assets and our retirement accounts using the same set of principles that we recommend to our clients. It is a goal at Pathfinder to be above reproach and recommend those strategies to people that we would incorporate within our own families.